Central Vacuum

A built-In Vacuum to eliminate the dust, dirt and allergen

Your ultimate cleaning satisfaction is within reach! However, it is important to educate yourself on which central vacuum installation is right for your home, and one of our local dealers can help as well. You have three installation options, along with supplementary accessories that will enhance the system. These affordable installations are applicable for newly constructed or existing homes and take a day to install, with no damage or mess

Why not integrate your vacuum along with all your other major appliances? A built-in central vacuum eliminates the noise, smell, and inconvenience of portables. It can be used to clean any surface, any spill, anywhere using its powerful remote motors. Plus, central vacuums are proven to reduce allergies, and 99% of people that install one, say they will never use any other kind of vacuum. And with MD Central Vacuum, you can trust 55 years of made-in-the-USA durability, along with professional, independent dealers.

Why central vacuum?

Central vacuums reduce allergy symptoms and do an excellent job of vacuuming. Because the vacuum canister can be larger than a conventional household vacuum’s, it can do a more powerful job of collecting dust, pollen, dander, and other airborne pollutants without re-circulating those allergens into living spaces the way a conventional, portable vacuum cleaner does. And even though central vacuums are larger and more powerful than conventional vacuums, they are quieter because the motor is remote.

  • Remote Vacuum power unit
  • Internal Ducting Network
  • Premium Vacuum Accessories
Our power units are designed and assembled in the USA.
  • Micro-Filtration Disposable Bag
  • Dual Debris Intake & Utility Valve
  • All Steel, Powder Coated In & Out
  • Sturdy Two-Stud Bracket Installation
  • Units for Every Size Home
Central Vacuum Installations
Traditional Central Vacuum Installation

Inlet valves cover all areas using a 30-foot plug-in hose. Traditional inlet valves recieve a traditional-style vacuum hose.


  1. Electric carpet brush can be used for deep cleaning.
  2. Quickest installation.
  3. Small inlet footprint on wall.
  4. Can use any number of universal hoses.


  1. Hose storage and management.
  2. Multiple inlet locations to carry hose to.
Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuum Installation

Hide-A-Hose Inlets cover all areas using an integrated 50-foot retractable hose. The hose is pulled out from the wall inlet where it is stored.


  1. Fewer inlets to install.
  2. Eliminates problems associated with traditional hoses.
  3. Pull out any length and instantly retract hose when finished.
  4. Hose length available in 30, 40, 50, and 60-feet increments.


  1. Cannot use an electric vacuum brush for carpet.
  2. More difficult installation.
Traditional & Hide-A-Hose Installation
  1. Features
    Inlet valves for a traditional-style hose that covers second story, and an inlet valve with a 50-foot retractable hose that covers first story.Pros

    1. Retractable hose for hard floor surfaces and area rugs.
    2. Traditional inlets for electric vacuum brush for carpeting.
    3. Best of both worlds – deepest carpet cleaning and ease-of-use.


    1. 30-foot hose storage and management.
    2. Two tool sets needed: electric upstairs, non-electric downstairs.
Optional Enhancement

VacPan Automatic Dustpan. Sweep, activate the foot switch,
and watch the dirt disappear into the vacuum system.
Price Range $250 – $500
(Requires installation of kick plate in cabinet or in a wall.)

Stretch Hose. Use existing inlets or add more in traffic areas for
quick clean-ups using the hose that stretches from 7 to 28 feet.
Price Range $55 – $80
(Hose only is needed. Extra inlet locations will cost more money.)

WallyFlex. Auxiliary hose that mounts on wall and stretches 14 feet.
Great for the pantry, laundry, garage, or bathroom.
Price Range $250 – $400
(Requires traditional inlet back plate installed higher up on wall.)

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