Remote control Home Automation

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Installing a home automation system with an RF-controlled remote control also opens up opportunities to make your house more intelligent. Smart homes are progressively flowing from customary switches to centralized control systems that utilize RF control switches.

Currently, traditional wall switches located in different parts of the house make it difficult for people to approach them. To accomplish this, an RF remote controller is connected to the TX side of the microcontroller, which sends commands to the receiver to connect different loads together. By operating a specific remote switch on the TX, the load can be turned on/off remotely via wireless technology.

The circuit uses a radio module to make a wireless remote control that can be used to drive o / p from a distance. As the name implies, the RF module uses RF signals to send signals at a specific frequency and baud rate.

Required Hardware

  • Arduino UNO
  • RF Module YK04 with remote
  • 4 channel relay

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