Video Distribution

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Video distribution, or more correctly media distribution, systems are an essential component for any medium to large scale campus or corporate holding. These systems provide information, entertainment, and security to institutions serving large groups with differing needs.

The simplest video distribution system consists of a single video source, such as a cable TV box, delivered to multiple video sinks via a simple passive splitter. A common example is the sports bar scenario, where a location has an array of video monitors which can be fed the same sporting event.

While the simple splitter setup can work in analog systems with relative ease and minimal maintenance it has large limitations when running cables any great length. The distances depend on several factors including signal type and cable quality. The problem is that without any help or processing a straight electrical signal will eventually succumb to the effect of the wire and begin to degrade the signal.

Uses of Video Distribution

Video distribution  can be used in several settings including:

  • Broadcast studios
  • Multimedia and graphics post-production
  • Medical imaging
  • Classrooms
  • Retail digital signage deployments in stores and malls
  • Control rooms and command centers
  • Corporate video sharing and training

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